Doctoral Program

We train students in economic theory and quantitative methods, with flexibility for students to choose coursework to suit their specific interests and intended careers as professional economists.

Our PhD program

  1. features accessible faculty and a STEM discipline. Faculty advisors spend a great deal of time with students. Faculty have helped students with solo research that has been published in journals like Oxford Bulletin of Economics and StatisticsComputational Economics, and Review of Industrial Organization. Faculty also coauthor with students on work that has appeared in top journals like Journal of Monetary Economics (currently ranked #11 overall), Journal of Econometrics (#14), and Journal of Human Resources (#38).  These are seen on the full list of PhD student publications.
  2. has a curriculum that allows students to do research early. The PhD program emphasizes the development of research skills. Students engage in research at an early stage in their studies.
  3. offers students interested in empirical research opportunities to participate in projects of a number of our faculty members. This often leads to joint work with the faculty advisor.
  4. funds all PhD students who need financial aid at the time of admission and for up to five years provided that the student maintains good standing in the program.


Pam Gerth
Graduate Secretary
Department of Economics
118 Professional Bldg
Dr. Joseph Haslag
Director of Graduate Studies
Department of Economics
118 Professional Bldg.