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Joonhong Ahn

Joonhong Ahn - Website - CV

Fields: Labor Economics; Applied Econometrics; Economics of Education; Population Economics

Job Market Paper: Nonparametric Bounds Analysis of Intergenerational Transmission of Human Capital in Korea

References: Peter Mueser, Shawn Ni, David Kaplan

Yong Bian

Yong Bian - LinkedIn - CV

Fields: Applied Econometrics; Applied Machine Learning in Economics

Job Market Paper: Causal Inferences on Young Economics Professors' Salaries

References: David Kaplan, Saku Aura, Peter Mueser

Iván Dávila Fadul

Iván Dávila Fadul - Website - CV

Fields: Applied Macroeconomics; Fiscal Policy

Job Market Paper: Government Spending Shocks: None or some impact in BRICS?

References: Joseph Haslag, Christopher Otrok, David Kaplan, Eric Parsons

Lonnie Hofmann

Lonnie Hofmann - Website - CV

Fields: Applied Microeconomics; Econometrics

Job Market Paper: The Effect of Three Strikes Laws on Violent Crime Rates

References: David Kaplan, Cory Koedel, Peter Mueser, Eric Parsons

Sanguk Kwon

Sanguk Kwon - Website - CV

Fields: Empirical Macroeconomics; Empirical Microeconomics; Applied Econometrics

Job Market Paper: Inequality and Mobility of Household Earnings over the Life Cycle and Business Cycles

References: Shawn Ni, David Kaplan, Wyatt Thompson

Heon Lee

Heon Lee - Website - CV

Fields: Monetary Economics; Search Theory; Banking; Applied Time-Series Economics

Job Market Paper: Money Creation and Banking: Theory and Evidence

References: Chao Gu, Joseph Haslag, Aaron Hedlund

Xin Liu

Xin Liu - Website - CV

Fields: Econometrics; Applied Microeconomics

Job Market Paper: Panel Quantile Regression with Time-Invariant Rank

References: David Kaplan, J. Isaac (Zack) Miller, Shawn Ni

Zixin Liu

Zixin Liu - Website - CV

Fields: Labor Economics; Economics of Education; Applied Econometrics

Job Market Paper: The Impact of the Cultural Revolution on Intergenerational Mobility in China

References: Peter Mueser, Cory Koedel, Oksana Loginova, Saku Aura

Cheng Qian

Cheng Qian - Website - CV

Fields: Economics of Education; Labor Economics; Applied Microeconomics

Job Market Paper: The Potential for Community College Students to Expand and Diversify four-year Degree Production in STEM Fields

References: Cory Koedel, David Kaplan, Eric Parsons

Zhiyang (David) You

Zhiyang (David) You - Website - CV

Fields: Labor Economics; Applied Econometrics; Policy Evaluation

Job Market Paper: Assimilation Estimation Is Less Biased Than Curved: Using Cross-Sectional Data in the U.S. from 1990 to 2010

References: Peter Mueser, Cory Koedel, David Kaplan, Jonathan Krieckhaus

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