MarketWatch quotes Jeff Milyo, cites political corruption research

Financial news site MarketWatch cited Jeff Milyo in a Jan. 6, 2017, story

Financial news site MarketWatch quoted professor Jeff Milyo and cited his research about state ethics commissions in an article published Friday about bribery and political corruption.

“It’s safe to say there are no scientific evaluations of the effectiveness of federal ethics organizations because such analysis would be very difficult,” Milyo told MarketWatch.

Milyo had previously analyzed the effectiveness of state ethics commissions in a 2013 study, “Do State Ethics Commissions Reduce Political Corruption?”, coauthored by Kayla Crider, a political science doctoral student. They found “surprisingly little evidence” that state ethics commissions work in practice.



PDF version of the MarketWatch story: The rich take bribes, too, and ethics rules don’t deter them, experts say

PDF version of Milyo's 2013 study: Do State Ethics Commissions Reduce Political Corruption?