Myoung Lee, Jeff Milyo receive Purple Chalk Awards

Jeff Milyo and Myoung Lee

The College of Arts and Science Student Council honored economics faculty members Myoung Lee and Jeff Milyo with Purple Chalk Awards for the spring 2017 semester.

Both Lee and Milyo were nominated by students and selected by the student council's executive committee for their exemplary teaching and investment in student success.

Lee, whose courses this semester include Principles of Macroeconomics, Theory of the Firm, and Intermediate Microeconomics, said her teaching goals include sparking students' intellectual curiosity and introducing them to economics as a foundation in decision making.

“Student interactions in the classroom, during my walking and office hours and in other settings have continuously provided feedback assuring me that my efforts have not been in vain," Lee said. "Receiving this award is an honor and inspires me to rededicate myself to my teaching goals.”

Milyo also teaches Intermediate Microeconomics, as well as the Honors Thesis course and Law and Economics.

“The fact that students nominate candidates and select winners makes the award particularly meaningful and gratifying,” Milyo said. “I’m grateful every day for the opportunity to teach such wonderful students and proud to be part of the Mizzou community.”

Read the full announcement by the College of Arts & Science here.