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Sumitrra Ganguli

Sumitrra Ganguli - Homepage - CV

Fields of Concentration: Macro-Finance, Monetary Economics, Applied Time Series Analysis

Dissertation Title: "Three Essays on the Relationship Between Reputation and Leverage: A Bayesian Perspective"

References: Christopher Otrok, Joe Haslag, Chao Gu

Taehwan Kim

Taehwan Kim - Homepage - CV

Fields of Concentration: Industrial Organization and Applied Microeconomics

Dissertation Title: "Three Essays on Retail Price Competition"

References: Emek Basker, Peter Mueser, Shawn Ni

Ock Hyun Joe

Ock Hyun Joe - Homepage - CV

Fields of Concentration: Applied Microeconomics, Econometrics, Labor Economics, Computational Economics

Dissertation Title: "Two Essays on Income Dynamics of PSID"

References: Shawn Ni, Cory Koedel, David Kaplan

Wei Kong

Wei Kong - Homepage - CV

Fields of Concentration: Labor Economics, Applied Econometrics, Public Policy, Economics of Education

Dissertation Title: "Essays on Empirical Models of Retirement"

References: Shawn Ni, Michael Podgursky, David Kaplan

Xiang Li

 Xiang "Maurice" LiHomepage - CV

Fields of Concentration: Empirical Microeconomics, Economics of Education, Labor Economics

Dissertation Title: "Two Essays on The Economics of Education: Borders and Beginning Teacher Job Search, the Effect of the Implementation of Electronic Benefit Transfer Program on Student Attainment"

References: Michael Podgursly, Peter MueserShawn Ni

Kyungsik Nam

Kyungsik NamHomepage - CV

Fields of Concentration: Climate and Energy Econometrics, Applied Time-Series Econometrics, Environmental and Resource Economics

Dissertation Title: "Essays on Climate Econometrics"

References: J. Isaac Miller, David Kaplan, Shawn Ni

Li Tan

Li Tan - Homepage - CV

Fields of Concentration: Applied Econometrics, Labor Economics, Public Economics and Economics of Education

Dissertation Title: "Three Essays in Labor Economics with Innovative Econometric Tools"

References: Cory Koedel, David Kaplan, Peter Mueser

Xingpeng Wei

Xingpeng "Catherine" Wei - Homepage - CV

Fields of Concentration: Macroeconomics, Money and Banking, Industrial Organization, and Game Theory

Dissertation Title: "Essays on Capital Requirement and Financial Stability"

References: Chao Gu, Joe Haslag, Ron Harstad


Rebecca Whitworth - Homepage - CV

Fields of Concentration: Financial Markets and the Macroeconomy, Asset and Contingent Pricing, Financial Econometrics and Panel Data, Macroeconomic Theory, Monetary Policy, Money and Banking, and Policy Evaluation

Dissertation Title: "Essays in Settlement Risk, Credit Default Swaps, and Value-Added Modeling"

ReferencesJoe HaslagCory KoedelRon Harstad

Longhao Zhuo

Longhao Zhuo - Homepage - CV

Fields of concentration:  Econometrics and Economic Statistics

Dissertation title:  Essays on Decision Making under Uncertainty: Stochastic Dominance 

References:  David KaplanJ. Isaac Miller,   Peter Mueser


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