Ron Harstad

Ron Harstad
J. Rhoads Foster Professor in the Economics of Regulated Industries, Ph.D., Pennsylvania
Game Theory, Laboratory Economics, Auctions, Industrial Organization/Regulation
227 Professional Building
Recent Publications: 

“Diminished-Dimensional Political Economy” (with Selten), European Economic Review, 2016.

"Modeling Bounded Rationality: Taks to Become Intellectually Competitive" (with Selten) Journal of Economic Literature 2013

"Auctioning the Right to Choose When Competition Persist," Decision Analysis, special issue, 2010

"Information Variability Impacts in Auctions," (with Jia & Rothkopf), Decision Analysis, special issue, 2010

"Relevance to Practice and Auction Theory: A Memorial Essay for Michael Rothkopf," (with Pekec), Interfaces, 2008

"Does a Seller Really Want Another Bidder?", AER Bulletin, 2008

"Information Aggregation in Auctions with an Unknown Number of Bidders" (with I. Tsetlin and A. Pekec),Games and Economic Behavior, 2008

“Ex-Post Full Surplus Extraction, Straightforwardly” (with Mares), Economic Theory, 2007.

“Experimental Methods and Elicitation of Values” (with Harrison and Rutstrom), Experimental Economics, 2004.

“Private Information Revelation in Common-Value Auctions” (with Mares), Journal of Economic Theory, 2003.

“Is Subsidizing Inefficient Bidders Actually Costly?” (with Rothkopf and Fu), Management Science, 2003.

“Dominant Strategy Adoption and Bidders' Experience with Pricing Rules,” Experimental Economics, 2000.

“An Alternating Recognition Model of English Auctions” (with Rothkopf), Management Science, 2000.

“Franchise Bidding without Holdups: Utility Regulation with Efficient Pricing and Choice of Provider” (with Crew), Journal of Regulatory Economics, 1999.

“Computationally Manageable Combinational Auctions” (with Rothkopf and Pekec), Management Science, 1998.

“Auction Form Preferences of Risk-Averse Bidtakers” (with Waehrer and Rothkopf), Rand Journal of Economics, 1998.