A New Approach to Modeling the Effects of Temperature Fluctuations on Monthly Electricity Demand

Working Paper Number: 
WP 15-12

This paper proposes a novel approach to measure and analyze the effect of temperature on electricity demand. This temperature effect is specified as a function of the density of temperatures observed at a high frequency with a functional coefficient, which we call the temperature response function. This approach contrasts with the usual approach to model the temperature effect as a function of heating and cooling degree days. We further investigate how non-climate variables, which include the price of electricity relative to that of substitutable energy and latent variables such as preferences and technology that we proxy by a linear time trend, affect the demand response to temperature changes. Our approach and methodology are demonstrated using Korean electricity demand data for residential and commercial sectors.

JEL Codes: 
C33, C51, C53, Q41

Yoosoon Chang

Chang Sik Kim

Joon Y. Park

Sungkeun Park