Ishtiaque Fazlul

photo of Ishtiaque Fazlul
Postdoctoral Scholar, Ph.D., Georgia State University
Health; Education; Public
Recent Publications: 

"Tobacco control and household tobacco consumption: A tale of two educational groups" (with Biplab Kumar Datta and Muhammad Jami Husain), Health Economics, forthcoming

“The Impact of the ACA on Insurance Coverage Disparities after Four Years” (with Charles Courtemanche, James Marton, Benjamin Ukert, Aaron Yelowitz, and Daniela Zapata), Chapter 3 in Current Issues in Medicaid: Enrollment, Eligibility, and Politics, forthcoming

"The Three Year Impact of the Affordable Care Act on Disparities in Insurance Coverage. Health Services Research" (with Courtemanche, Charles, James Marton, Benjamin Ukert, Aaron Yelowitz, Daniela Zapata), Health Services Research, 2019