David Mandy

David Mandy
Professor, Ph.D., Illinois
Industrial Organization/Regulation, Micro Theory, Econometrics
228 Professional Building
Recent Publications: 

"Leading Principal Minors and Semidefiniteness", Economic Inquiry 56 (2018):  1396-1398.

Producers, Consumers and Partial Equilibrium.  Elsevier/Academic Press 2016.

“Targeting Rivals: Moving from ‘Whether’ to ‘Whom’” (with John W. Mayo and David E. M. Sappington), International Journal of Industrial Organization. 46 (2016):  1-15.

 “Motivating Regulated Suppliers to Assess Alternative Technologies, Protocols and Capital Structures” (with Mark Jamison and David E. M. Sappington), International Journal of Industrial Organization 37 (2014): 13-22.

 “On Second Order Conditions for Equality Constrained Extremum Problems,” Economics Letters 121 (2013): 440-443. 

"Pricing Inputs to Induce Efficient Make-or-Buy Decisions," Journal of Regulatory Economics, 2009.

"Incentives for Sabotage in Vertically Related Industries" (with D. E. M. Sappington), Journal of Regulatory Economics, 2007.

"TELRIC Pricing with Vintage Capital," Journal of Regulatory Economics, 2002.

"Killing the Goose that May have Laid the Golden Egg: Only the Data Know whether Sabotage Pays," Journal of Regulatory Economics, 2000.

"Relative Efficiency with Equivalence Classes of Asymptotic Covariances," (with C. Martins-Filho)Journal of Econometrics, 1999.

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