Jeff Milyo

Jeff Milyo
Professor and Department Chair, Ph.D., Stanford
Political Economics, Law and Economics, Health Economics
235 Professional Building
Recent Publications: 

Campaign Finance and American Democracy: What the Public Really Thinks and Why It Matters (with David Primo).  University of Chicago Press, 2020.

“Do Campaign Finance Reforms Insulate Incumbents from Competition? New Evidence from State Legislative Elections” (with Jordan Butcher), PS: Political Science & Politics, 2020.

“Giving the People What They Want? Legislative Polarization and Public Approval of State Legislatures” (with Lilliard Richardson), State and Local Government Review, 2016.

“Public Confidence in the Redistricting Process: The Role of Independent Commissions, State Legislative Polarization and Partisan Preferences” (with Kathryn VanderMolen), State and Local Government Review, 2016.

“Measuring Public Corruption in the United States: Evidence from Administrative Records of Federal Prosecutions” (with Adriana Cordis), Public Integrity, 2016.