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Brian Kisida co-authors K-12 education report in Brookings

Thursday, June 1, 2017 -- tmckv9
Brian Kisida

Assistant research professor Brian Kisida co-authored a report published on Washington, D.C.-based think tank Brookings' website.

"To elevate the role of arts education, measure it" provides a framework for educators to incorporate measures of the Every Student Succeeds Act with regard to arts and music education.

Diminished-Dimensional Political Economy

Economists' policy advice is based on models of responses by a variety of economic entities to policy adoptions. There is compelling evidence that these entities do not optimize in at all the fashion that mainstream economics assumes. Rather, they

limit decision-making to solving problems of much smaller dimensionality. We consider how political economy goes awry when ignoring diminished dimensionality, and some research avenues opened up by this realization.

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