Internships, Fellowships and Job Opportunities

The College of Arts and Science encourages students of all areas to pursue internships and hands on learning during their time at MU.  To learn more about these types of experiences within the College of Arts and Science, please visit:

Hands on Learning

Not sure how to find an internship or begin the process?  Consider enrolling in INTDSC 2942 (1 credit).  This course is designed to develop skills required to successfully apply for, and be successful in, internships and employment.

We also hold a joint career and internship fair with the College of Agriculture, Food, & Natural Resources each semester.  

If you are interested in an internship opportunity that is not sufficiently related to economics to earn credit for Econom 3940 or 4940, and you want to earn course credit, you may consider INTDSC 4942.  This course can be used for a wide variety of internship experiences. To apply for this course, you should review and submit an application.