Mizzou Economics is committed to advancing economic science and economic literacy. 

We conduct meaningful research that deepens our understanding of social phenomena and leads to improvements in public policy.  Our research is funded by the National Science Foundation, state and federal government agencies and leading foundations, such as Kauffman and Robert Wood Johnson.  Mizzou economists routinely publish research findings in top academic journals and our work has been featured in the national media, including the New York Times and Wall Street Journal.  Our faculty advise state and local policymakers, serve as expert witnesses, and consult for major corporations. 

We provide value-added instruction that equips our students with practical analytical tools and trains them in the “economic way of thinking.”  Mizzou economics majors have better initial job prospects and higher lifetime earnings than most other majors.  National studies show that even controlling for choice of occupation, economics majors earn a 25% premium compared to other majors with similar experience.   Mizzou economics has a long tradition of excellence in teaching and the current staff includes several award-winning teachers. 

We are actively engaged within the University community and more broadly in the public sphere.  Our faculty serve as advisors to student groups and work as volunteers with civic organization.  The Economic and Policy Analysis Research Center (EPARC) provides research support to the business community; local, state, and federal government agencies; and the University of Missouri system. 


Jeff Milyo
Professor and Chair

Economics Department Statement on Diversity Equity and Inclusion