Brown-bag Seminar

Date / Time Title Speaker Location
- The Impact of Sanctioning in the Nonprofit Sector Jennifer Mayo Locust Street Building E204A
- Improving Performance Through Allocation and Competition: Evidence from a Patient Choice Reform Liisa Laine Locust Street Building E204A
- Accessing US Census Microdata Kenneth Zahringer Locust Street Building E204A
- Adapting to Natural Disasters through Better Information: Evidence from the Home Seller Disclosure Requirement Seunghoon Lee Locust Street Building E204A
- Utility-robust Statistical Comparisons David Kaplan Locust Street Building E204
- Estimation of a Binary Response Dynamic Panel Data Model with Attrition Alyssa Carlson Locust Street Building E204
- Myself as the Employer of Last Resort: Criminal Justice Involvement, Self-Employment, and Barriers in Recent Public Policy Brittany Street Zoom
- Addressing Sample Selection Bias for Machine Learning Methods Alyssa Carlson Zoom
- What Drives Temperature Anomalies? A Functional SVAR Approach Zack Miller Zoom
- The Impact of Formal and Informal Credit Institutions on Entrepreneurship Alina Malkova Zoom
- Big Data and Consumer Welfare: Evidence from the Hotel Booking Market Andrey Minaev Zoom
- Inference for Stochastic Dominance on Sets of Utility Functions David Kaplan 129 Professional Building
- How Can an Applied Economist Help? Topics on Child Health Research, Energy Policy, and Research Design Adreinne Ohler 129 Professional Building
- What Can Climate Science Learn from Econometrics? Zack Miller 129 Professional Building
- Honest Signaling in Academic Publishing Karthik Panchanathan 129 Professional Building
- Taking a Knee: Effect of NFL Player Protests on Subsequent Employment Christopher Jepsen 129 Professional Building
- Finite-Sample Improvement for IV Quantile Regression Xin Liu 129 Professional Building