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Graduate Women in Economics group at Shakespeare's Pizza

Graduate Women in Economics

Our Graduate Women in Economics group (MU-GWE) was founded to encourage mentoring relationships between female students and female faculty members, to help address female underrepresentation in the economics profession. The group's mission is to unite female graduate students who study economics at Mizzou, and to improve their university experience through social events and professional development.

Economics Graduate Student Association

EGSA logoThe Economics Graduate Student Association (EGSA) is a non-profit, student-run, official student organization at the University of Missouri. EGSA aims to promote the interests of all economics graduate students, and to act as a liaison between graduate students and faculty. Membership is open to any currently enrolled student or employee of the University of Missouri. EGSA coordinates monthly meetings and various social events throughout the year.

Current officers:

  • Guthrie Scoblic, President
  • Jeonghyun Kim, Vice President
  • Mehuli Paul, Treasurer
  • David Ogunjemilua, Secretary

Questions? Please feel free to contact Guthrie at

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International Exchange

To learn about our international exchange program, please contact Dr. Wang. Both faculty and doctoral students are included.

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