Graduate Program Courses

These are presented as examples of syllabi for Economics classes. Students enrolled should rely on the syllabus provided by their instructor.

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MA courses (7000-level and 8000-level)

Econ 7315 Public Economics- online (Aura)

Econ 7318 Environmental Economics (Lee) 

Econ 7326 Economics of International Trade - online (Trindade)

Econ 7328 Financial Economics - online (Hazel)

Econ 7340 Introduction to Game Theory - online (Loginova)

Econ 7351 Intermediate Microeconomics (Aura)

Econ 7351 Intermediate Microeconomics - online (Trindade)

Econ 7353 Intermediate Macroeconomics (Y. Wang) 

Econ 7353 Intermediate Macroeconomics - online (Gu) 

Econ 7357 Health Economics (Laine)

Econ 7357 Health Economics - online summer only (Edmiston)

Econ 7371 Introductory Econometrics - online (Craioveanu)

Econ 8001 Financial Economics - online (Hazel)

Econ 8413 Research Workshop I - online (Trindade)

Econ 8451 Microeconomic Theory - online (Wang)

Econ 8453 Macroeconomic Theory - online

Econ 8472 Econometric Methods I - online (Kaplan)

Econ 8473 Applied Econometrics - online (Feng)


PhD core courses

Econ 9451 Advanced Microeconomic Theory I (Wang)

Econ 9452 Advanced Microeconomic Theory II (Loginova)

Econ 9453 Macro Theory I (Gu)

Econ 9454 Macro Theory II (Haslag)

Econ 9472: Econometric Theory I (Miller)

Econ 9473 Econometric Theory II (Kaplan)


PhD field/elective courses

Econ 9001 Topics in Economics: Public Finance (Mayo)

Econ 9455 Monopoly and Competition

Econ 9430 Advanced Money and Banking

Econ 9431 Central Banking Policies

Econ 9446 Advanced Empirical Methods I (Koedel)

Econ 9447 Advanced Empirical Methods II (Street)

Econ 9474: Advanced Topics in Econometrics I (Miller)

Econ 9476: Advanced Topics in Econometrics II (Kaplan)