Graduate Program Courses

These are presented as examples of syllabi for Economics classes. Students enrolled should rely on the syllabus provided by their instructor.

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Econ 4311/7311 Labor Economics Koedel

Econ 4326/7326 Economics of International Trade Trindade

Econ 4328/7328 Financial Economics Hazel

Econ 4329/7329 The Banking System and the Money Market Haslag

Econ 4340/7340 Introduction to Game Theory Loginova

Econ 4351/7351 Intermediate Microeconomics Street

Econ 4351/7351 Intermediate Microeconomics Wickman

Econ 4353/7353 Intermediate Macroeconomics Whitworth

Econ 4357/7357 Health Economics Edmiston

Econ 4360/7360 Economic Development Tiwari

Econ 4370/7370 Quantitative Economics Mellouli

Econ 4371/7371 Introductory Econometrics Trindade

Econ 8370 Mathematics for Economics Wang

Econ 8413 Research Workshop I Trindade

Econ 8451 Microeconomic Theory Wang

Econ 8453 Macroeconomic Theory Gu

Econ 8472 Econometric Method I Kaplan

Econ 8473 Applied Econometrics Carlson

Econ 9430 Advanced Money and Banking Gu

Econ 9431 Central Banking Policies Gu

Econ 9446 Advanced Empirical Methods Koedel

Econ 9447 Advanced Empirical Methods II Street

Econ 9451 Advanced Microeconomic Theory I Wang

Econ 9452 Advanced Microeconomic Theory II Loginova

Econ 9453 Advanced Macroeconomic Theory I Gu

Econ 9454 Advanced Macroeconomic Theory II Gu

Econ 9472 Econometric Theory I Miller

Econ 9473 Econometric Theory II Carlson

Econ 9474 Topics in Advanced Econometrics I Miller

Econ 9476 Advanced Topics in Econometrics II Kaplan