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Ingul photo

Ingul Baek - Homepage - CV

Fields of Concentration: Macroeconomics, Time Series Econometrics, Financial Economics.

Dissertation Title: “Sector-specific Surprise and News Shocks”

References: Christopher OtrokShawn NiAaron Hedlund

Weiwei photo

Weiwei Wu - Homepage - CV

Fields of Concentration: Labor Economics, Health Economics, Computational Economics.

Dissertation Title: “Two Applications of Life-Cycle Models: Teachers' Retirement under Time-Varying Pension Rules and the Income-Health Correlation in PSID”

References: Shawn NiMichael PodgurskyMark Ehlert


Rebecca Whitworth - Homepage - CV

Fields of Concentration: Financial Markets and the Macroeconomy, Asset and Contingent Pricing, Financial Econometrics and Panel Data, Macroeconomic Theory, Monetary Policy, Money and Banking, and Policy Evaluation

Dissertation Title: "Essays in Settlement Risk, Credit Default Swaps, and Value-Added Modeling"

ReferencesJoe HaslagCory KoedelRon Harstad

Brett photo

Brett Xiang - Homepage - CV

Fields of Concentration: economics of Education, Labor Economics, Public Economics, Empirical Microeconomics

Dissertation Title: "Essays on Teacher Pensions"

References: Cory Koedel, Mark Ehlert, Peter Mueser, Eric Parsons, Michael Podgursky


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