Gifts Supporting the Dr. John Kuhlman Graduate Fellowship Fund Make a Difference

MU Economics

The Dr. John Kuhlman Graduate Fellowship provides significant support to graduate students in the Department of Economics at Mizzou. Most recently, the department was able to name Tabitha Juneau the winner of the $10,000 Kuhlman Fellowship.   

Ms. Juneau, now a second-year doctoral student at Mizzou, was a top recruit into our PhD program. She received her BA and MA in economics from Southern Illinois University, where she was president of the undergraduate economics club and taught Principles of Economics as a graduate instructor. Ms. Juneau also taught the “math of money” to advanced high school students while a summer intern at Johns Hopkins University.  

Ms. Juneau is currently the Head Teaching Assistant in our large Principles of Microeconomics class and will be the instructor for the honors section of the course next year. She is a research assistant for the department chair on the determinants of public corruption in state government and plans to complete a dissertation in the field of Public Economics. Overall, Ms. Juneau has a strong work ethic and shows great promise as both an applied researcher and a teacher of economics. She is an excellent representative to help carry on the legacy of Professor Kuhlman. 

Tabitha Juneau