Harry Gunnison Brown Award

MU Economics

Professor Xinghe Wang is the inaugural winner of the Harry Gunnison Brown Award for Faculty Excellence. Dr. Wang is a Professor of Economics and serves as the Director of International Programs for Economics. Xinghe Wang published seven peer-reviewed articles in the last two years; he also teaches graduate-level microeconomic theory and mathematical economics. Dr. Wang has been on the faculty at Mizzou Economics for 33 years and served as the Director of Graduate Studies for 12 years.


Harry Gunnison Brown taught at Mizzou from 1915-1951; he served as Department Chair of Economics and Dean in the College of Business. Friends and colleagues established the Harry Gunnison Brown fund to honor his long time service to Mizzou Economics. We are proud to recognize Xinghe Wang for his long-time service and continuing excellence!

X.H. Wang