In Memoriam: Dr. John M. Kuhlman

MU Economics

Mizzou Economics celebrates the life of John Kuhlman, who passed away this week at the age of 97.  Professor Kuhlman’s passion was teaching and he was an enthusiastic supporter of public education.  From 1961-1985, Dr, Kuhlman taught principles of economics, or as he put it, the “Study of Truth”, to more than 25,000 students.  Professor Kuhlman lived a life of public service.  He was a legendary teacher and his door was always open to students; in retirement, his heart for service led him to volunteer activities, including promoting literacy and English language skills.

The family, friends and students of Dr. Kuhlman have established a fellowship to honor his many years as an icon of Mizzou Economics; we are grateful for John Kuhlman’s dedication to Mizzou and for the role he has played in mentoring so many of our students.  It is an honor to carry on the legacy of Professor John Kuhlman.

Dr. John M. Kuhlman