Tom and Vivian Hall Faculty Excellence Award

David Kaplan, future tigers, and colleagues

Dr. David Kaplan has been named the Tom and Vivian Hall Faculty Fellow by the department of economics!  This award is in recognition of Dr. Kaplan’s outstanding research accomplishments in the field of econometrics and continuing excellence in teaching and mentoring of graduate students – and is a fitting tribute to the generosity of Tom and Vivian Hall, who provided financial support for this award.  Congratulations to Dr. Kaplan!

Tom Hall received his MA (1968) and Phd (1971) in Economics at Mizzou.  He taught economics and enjoyed the intellectual and academic interaction with students. After leaving academia, Dr. Hall worked briefly in consulting before spending the rest of his professional career with Phillips Petroleum and Chevron Phillips Chemical Company.  Mizzou Economics thanks Tom and Vivian Hall for all you do for Mizzou!

Pictured are Dr. Kaplan & his future tigers, along with fellow econometricians, Dr. Carlson and Dr. Miller.