Professor co-authored new edition of monetary economies book

Professor Joseph Haslag

Professor Joseph Haslag co-authored a book on monetary economies that will be published in May.

“Modeling Monetary Economies” contains sections about money, banking and government debt, covering topics including international monetary systems, central banking, deficits, savings and investment.

Joydeep Bhattacharya, professor of macroeconomics and monetary economics at Iowa State University, said in a review of the book that Haslag “takes the reader into the landscape of modern monetary economics to help us make sense of the deep questions: What does money do? Why do we have money? Why is banking important? Why is inflation bad?” The writing, he says, “is lucid, precise and engaging. I can think of no other undergraduate textbook in macro-or monetary economics that infects the reader with as much passion for the craft of economics as this one.”

Paperback copies of the book are available for pre-order here.

Haslag also contributed to the book’s third edition, which was published in May 2011.