Chao Gu

Chao Gu
E211 Locust Street Building
Research Focus
Macroeconomics, Monetary theory
Select Publications

Diamond-Dybvig and Beyond: on the Instability of Banking (with C. Monnet, E. Nosal and R. Wright), European Economic Review, 2023.

The Effects of News When Liquidity Matters (with H. Han and R. Wright), International Economic Review, 2020.

Money and Credit Redux (with F. Mattesini and R. Wright), Econometrica, 2016.

Endogenous Credit Cycles (with F. Mattesini, C. Monnet, and R. Wright), Journal of Political Economy, 2013.

Banking: A New Monetarist Approach (with F. Mattesini, C. Monnet, and R. Wright), Review of Economic Studies, 2013.

Herding and Bank RunsJournal of Economic Theory, 2011.

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