Oksana Loginova

Oksana Loginova
Associate Professor and Director of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, Ph.D., Duke
Microeconomic Theory, Industrial Organization
325 Professional Building
Recent Publications: 

“Sourcing Co-Created Products: Should your Suppliers Collaborate on Cost Reductions?” (with Niladri Syam), Review of Industrial Organization, 2019

“Clipping Coupons: Redemption of Offers with Forward-Looking Consumers” (with Kissan Joseph), Economics Bulletin, 2019

"Price Competition in the Presence of a Web Aggregator" (with Andrea Mantovani), Journal of Economics, 2019

"Learning in Advance Selling with Heterogeneous Consumers” (with X. Henry Wang and Chenhang Zeng), Managerial and Decision Economics, 2017

“Pricing Strategies in Advance Selling: Should a Retailer Offer a Pre-order Price Guarantee?” Review of Industrial Organization, 2016

"Customization in an Endogenous-Timing Game with Vertical Differentiation" (with X. Henry Wang), Economic Modelling, 2013

"Competitive Effects of Mass Customizations," Review of Marketing Science, 2012

"Customization with Vertically Differentiated Products'' (with X. Henry Wang), Journal of Economics and Management Strategy, 2011

"Brand Familiarity and Product Knowledge in Customization," International Journal of Economic Theory, 2010

"Customization: Ideal Varieties, Product Uniqueness and Price Competition,'' (with X. Henry Wang), Economics Bulletin, 2009

“Incentive Schemes in Peer-to-Peer Networks” (with Haibin Lu and X. Henry Wang), The B.E. Journal of Theoretical Economics, 2009

Real and Virtual Competition," Journal of Industrial Economics, 2009

"Exposure Order Effects and Advertising Competition," Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, 2009

"Price Experimentation with Strategic Buyers" (with Curtis Taylor), Review of Economic Design, 2008