J. Isaac (Zack) Miller

Zack Miller
Associate Chair of the Department
E220 Locust Street Building
Research Focus
Econometrics, Time Series, Energy, Climate
Select Publications

Beyond RCP8.5: Marginal Mitigation Using Quasi-Representative Concentration Pathways (with W.A. Brock), Journal of Econometrics, forthcoming.

Time-Varying Cointegration and the Kalman Filter (with B.A. Eroglu and T. Yigit), Econometric Reviews, 2022.

Forecasting regional long-run energy demand: A functional coefficient panel approach (with Y. Chang, Y. Choi, C. S. Kim, and J. Y. Park), Energy Economics, 2021.

Evaluating Trends in Time Series of Distributions: A Spatial Fingerprint of Human Effects on Climate (with Y. Chang, R. K. Kaufmann, C. S. Kim, J. Y. Park, and S. Park), Journal of Econometrics, 2020.

Mixed-frequency Cointegrating Regressions with Parsimonious Distributed Lag StructuresJournal of Financial Econometrics, 2014.

Crude Oil and Stock Markets: Stability, Instability, and Bubbles (with Ronald A. Ratti), Energy Economics, 2009.

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