J. Isaac (Zack) Miller

Zack Miller
Associate Chair of the Department
E220 Locust Street Building
Research Focus
Econometrics, Time Series, Energy, Climate
Select Publications

Beyond RCP8.5: Marginal Mitigation Using Quasi-Representative Concentration Pathways (with W.A. Brock), Journal of Econometrics, 2021.

Forecasting regional long-run energy demand: A functional coefficient panel approach (with Y. Chang, Y. Choi, C. S. Kim, and J. Y. Park), Energy Economics, 2021.

Evaluating Trends in Time Series of Distributions: A Spatial Fingerprint of Human Effects on Climate (with Y. Chang, R. K. Kaufmann, C. S. Kim, J. Y. Park, and S. Park), Journal of Econometrics, 2020.

Conditionally Efficient Estimation of Long-Run Relationships Using Mixed-Frequency Time SeriesEconometric Reviews, 2016.

Mixed-frequency Cointegrating Regressions with Parsimonious Distributed Lag StructuresJournal of Financial Econometrics, 2014.

Crude Oil and Stock Markets: Stability, Instability, and Bubbles (with Ronald A. Ratti), Energy Economics, 2009.

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