Honors & Scholarships

General Honors Certificate
Students who complete 20 or more honors credit hours and have a 3.3 MU GPA may graduate with general honors. The General Honors Certificate is noted on a student's final transcript. Up to six hours of departmental honors courses, six hours of transfer honors courses, and six hours of Learning by Contract courses may be used toward the 20 hours. In order to receive honors credit for an honors designated course, you must earn a "C" or better.

Upon completion of the 20 hours of honors course work, students must apply for their honors certificate. Graduating students must apply for their honors certificate by mid-semester to graduate with general honors and to have the notation on their transcript. Graduating students who do not apply for their honors certificates will not graduate with general honors. To apply for your General Honors Certificate please complete the General Honors Certificate.

Department Honors and Research
Department Honors is designed for eligible majors who are interested in gaining research experience by completing an Honors Thesis under the supervision of a faculty member in the Department. Topics of recently completed Honors Theses may be found in the link below.

Candidates for honors must be economics majors with a GPA of 3.30 overall and a GPA of 3.50 or higher in economics courses. Students must complete ECONOM 4995: Honors Pro Seminar and ECONOM 4971: Supplemental Senior Seminar in Economics (capstone courses) in order to be awarded departmental honors. Enrollment in 4995 is by departmental permission. Interested students should plan to take ECONOM 4351: Intermediate Microeconomics and ECONOM 4371: Introductory Econometrics prior to or concurrently with 4995.

Department Honors and Research Info

Department of Economics Scholarships
The scholarship application is not currently open.

Clay J. Anderson Memorial Scholarship

David Loschky Scholarship

Allan and Barbara Soshnik Memorial Scholarship

John Charles Willett Memorial Scholarship

Elmer Wood Memorial Scholarship

Leaders' Board Excellence Award

Outstanding Senior in Economics Award

Please contact the Department of Economics if you would like to be nominated for an Arts and Science Scholarship.  You must have a minimum of 3.5 overall GPA.