Honors & Scholarships

Omicron Delta Epsilon

Omicron Delta Epsilon (ODE) is the international honor society for economics.
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Honors Certificate

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Department Honors and Honors Thesis

Eligible students gain research experience through an Honors Thesis under faculty supervision.  Department Honors requires:

  • economics major
  • GPA at least 3.30 overall
  • GPA at least 3.50 in economics courses
  • ECONOM 4995 (Honors Pro Seminar); enrollment is by permission and requires previously or concurrently taking ECONOM 4351: Intermediate Microeconomics and ECONOM 4371: Introductory Econometrics

Scholarships and Awards

With the help of our generous donors, we award multiple scholarships each year to our outstanding undergraduate students. Our students also win awards across campus:

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This scholarship in memory of Professor David J. Loschky (also BA 1956) was awarded in 2020 to Jacob Hager and Jacob Unterbrink, and in 2019 to Joshua Eagan and Kyle Zimmerschied.

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This scholarship in memory of Allan (BA 1970) and Barbara Soshnik was awarded recently to Logan Clark (2020), Matthew Green (2019), Thomas Geisinger (2018), and Nate Henry (2017).

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This scholarship in memory of John Charles Willett (BS 1995) was awarded in recently to Jackson Samson (2020), Bryce Fuemmeler (2019), Christian Cmehil-Warn (2019), Joshua Miles (2018), and Gabriel Gassmann (2017).

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This scholarship in memory of Professor Elmer Wood (also AB 1916 in history) was awarded in 2020 to Brooke Anderson, Anna Laughlin, and Annabel Thorpe.

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With the help of the Economics Department Leaders Board, the 2020 awards went to William Balossi, Adriana Doolin, Joshua Eagan, Eric Humphrey, Jiaqi Lai, Tyler Long, Emily Lower, Carson Lujin, Avery Oehlschlager, Christopher Rueve, Joshua States, and William Tran.

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Nominated and chosen by the economics faculty as outstanding economics majors dedicated to their academic studies, the 2020 recipients were Sami Baugher, Bradie Britzmann, Margaret Brooks, Jacob Bush, Christian Cmehil-Warn, Maxwell Cook, Joshua Eagan, Bryce Fuemmeler, Tyler Grellner, Matthew Kane, Tyler Long, Joshua Miles, David Schultheiss, Amanda Steineman, Veronica Swearingen, and Rebecca Wipfler.

Thanks to a generous donor's gift in recognition of the many contributions of Professor Michael J. Podgursky through his research on the economics of education and his commitment to teaching Principles of Economics at Mizzou, the inaugural 2020 Podgursky Scholars were Ed Bohnert, Kadie Clark, Noah Free, Evander Gonzalez, Emma Gould, Jacob Laan, Savannah McCauley, Molly McDermott, Cade McKnelly, Luke Mertens, Destiny Muller, Paul Odu, Ally Sivapiromrat, and Joshua Tagtmeyer.