Graduate Women in Economics scale a 60-foot climbing tower at Venture Out

Oksana Loginova

Graduate Women in Economics (GWE) is a group that brings together female Ph.D. students and faculty at our department. On November 7, the group participated in the Team Challenge and Alpine Tower course offered by Venture Out, the University of Missouri’s outdoor experiential education facility. Venture Out has logs and ropes going in all directions to balance and climb, and rock-climbing gear to connect it all. We had immense fun enjoying the last warm(ish) day of the year with empowering and engaging bonding activities!

We first completed the Team Challenge, which involved balancing on a free-hinging platform as we all took turns getting on to it. The instructors said we were one of very few groups that completed it without the platform ever touching the ground – they were very impressed with our coordinated work. We then climbed the main tower and learned to use the ropes to belay each other. Getting sixty feet above the ground was exhilarating!

GWE would like to recognize the generous support provided by the department for this and other social activities.





Graduate Women in Economics