Shawn Ni

Shawn Ni
Professor, Ph.D., Minnesota
Macroeconomics, Financial Economics, Public Finance
329 Professional Building
Recent Publications: 

Teacher Pension Plan Incentives, Retirement Decisions, and Workforce Quality (with M. Podgursky and X. Wang), Journal of Human Resources, forthcoming. 

Pensions and Late Career Teacher Retention (with D. Kim, W. Kong, C. Koedel, M. Podgursky, and W. Wu), Education Finance and Policy, forthcoming. 

Intrinsic Bayesian Estimation of Linear Time Series Models (with D. Sun), Statistical Theory and Related Fields, 2020.

Labor Market Frictions and Production Efficiency in Public Schools (with D. Kim, C. Koedel, and M. Podgursky), Economics of Education Review, 2017. 

Pension Rules and Teachers’ Retirement Behaviors: Estimation of a Structural Model, (with M. Podgursky), Journal of Labor Economics, 2016.

Why Doesn't the Hong Kong Government Sell More Public Land? (with S. Aura and K. Cheung), Frontier Economics in China, 2016. 

New Evidence on Excess Sensitivity of Household Consumption (with Y. Seol), Journal of Monetary Economics, 2014.

Who Benefits from Pension Enhancements (with C. Koedel and M. Podgursky), Education Finance and Policy, 2014.

A Bayesian Analysis of Normalized VAR Models (with D. Sun), Journal of Multivariate Analysis, 2014.

Bayesian Multivariate Estimates of Global Temperature Trends (with D. Sun and P. Speckman), Proceedings of American Statistical Association, 2013.

"Bayesian Testing of Restrictions on Vector Autoregressive Models" (with D. Sun), Journal of Statistical Planning and Inference, 2012.

"Long-Term Oil Price Forecasts: A New Perspective on Oil and the Macroeconomy," (with I. Miller), Macroeconomic Dynamics, 2011.

"A Bayesian Estimation of Estate-Specific Price to Rent Ratio of Shanghai and Shenzhen," (with J. Chen), International Real Estate Review, 2011.

"Selection of Multivariate Stochastic Volatility Models via Bayesian Stochastic Search," (with A. Loddo and D. Sun). 
Journal of Business and Economic Statistics, 2011.

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"Estimating a Dynamic Discrete Choice Model on Teachers' Retirement Decision," (with M. Podgursky), Proceedings of American Statistical Association 2010.

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"Intrinsic Bayesian Estimation of VAR Impulse Responses," (with D. Sun and X. Sun), Journal of Business and Economic Statistics 2007.