Michael Podgursky

Michael Podgursky
Chancellor's Professor, Ph.D., Wisconsin
Economics of Education, School Finance
233 Professional Building
Recent Publications: 

B. Backes, D. Goldhaber, C Grout, C. Koedel, S. Ni, M. Podgursky, P. Xiang, Z Xu.  Benefit or Burden?  Intergenerational Inequity of Teacher Pension Plans.  Educational Researcher.  (2016)  45(6), 367-377.

S. Ni and M. Podgursky.  “How Teachers Respond to Pension System Incentives:  New Estimates and Policy Applications.”  Journal of Labor Economics.   (2016)  34(4), 1075-1104.

C. Koedel, M. Ehlert, E. Parsons, M. Podgursky.  “Selecting Growth Measures for Use in School Evaluation Systems: Should Proportionality Matter?”  Educational Policy.  (2016) 30(3), 465-500. 

C. Koedel.,  M. Ehlert., E. Parsons., M. Podgursky.   “Teacher Preparation Programs and Teacher Quality: Are There Real Differences Across Programs?”  Education Finance and Policy.  (2015) 10 (4), 508-534.

E. Parsons, C. Koedel, M. Podgursky, M. Ehlert,  P.B. Xiang. “Incorporating End-of-Course Exam Timing into Educational Performance Evaluations.”  Journal of Research on Educational Effectiveness. 8 (2015), 130-147.

C. Koedel, S. Ni, M. Podgursky.  “Who Benefits from Pension Enhancements?”  Education Finance and Policy. (2014)  9(2), 165-192.