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Michael Pesko (with S. M. Farin and L. Hoehn-Velasco). The Impact of Legal Abortion on Maternal MortalityAmerican Economic Journal: Economic Policy.

J. Isaac Miller and William Brock. Beyond RCP8.5: Marginal Mitigation Using Quasi-Representative Concentration PathwaysJournal of Econometrics.

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Cheng Qian (*21) and Cory Koedel. Could Shifting the Margin Between Community College and University Enrollment Expand and Diversify University Degree Production in STEM Fields? Research in Higher Education.

Xin Liu (*21). Testing in smoothed GMM quantile models with an application to quantile Euler equation. Econometrics and Statistics.

Michael Pesko (with M. Cooper). The effect of E-cigarette indoor vaping restrictions on infant mortalitySouthern Economic Journal.

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Cory Koedel (with A. Bacher-Hicks). Estimation and Interpretation of Teacher Value Added in Research Applications. Handbook of the Economics of Education.

Michael Pesko (with K. Callison, S. Phillips, and J. A. Sosa). Cancer Screening after the Adoption of Paid-Sick-Leave MandatesNew England Journal of Medicine.

Michael Pesko (with D. Dave, Y. Liang, S. Phillips, and J. J. Sabia). Have recreational marijuana laws undermined public health progress on adult tobacco use?  Journal of Health Economics.

David M. Kaplan and Wei Zhao (*24). Comparing latent inequality with ordinal dataEconometrics Journal.

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Saku Aura, William Brock, and Shawn Ni. A Chinese mayor problemJournal of Government and Economics.

Xiqian Wang (*19) and Yong Bian (*21) (with Qin Zhang). The effect of cooking fuel choice on the elderly’s well-being: Evidence from two non-parametric methods. Energy Economics.

Cory Koedel and Eric Parsons (with I. Fazlul). Free and Reduced-Price Meal Eligibility does not Measure Student Poverty: Evidence and Policy Significance. Economics of Education Review.

Michael Pesko (with W. Austin, S. Carattini, and J. Gomez-Mahecha). The effects of contemporaneous air pollution on COVID-19 morbidity and mortalityJournal of Environmental Economics and Management.

Michael Pesko (with R. Abouk, C. Courtemanche, D. Dave, B. Feng, A. S. Friedman, J. C. Maclean, J. J. Sabia, and S. Safford). Intended and unintended effects of e-cigarette taxes on youth tobacco use. Journal of Health Economics.

Michael Pesko (with R. Abouk, S. Adams, B. Feng, and J. C. Maclean). The effect of e-cigarette taxes on prepregnancy and prenatal smokingJournal of Policy Analysis and Management.

Sanguk Kwon (*21) and Shawn Ni. Has Consumption Inequality Mirrored Income Inequality: New Evidence from a Korean Household PanelApplied Economics Letters.

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J. Isaac Miller (with Y. Chang and S. Lee). Introduction to "Essays in Honor of Joon Y. Park: Econometric Theory." Advances in Econometrics.

J. Isaac Miller (with Y. Chang and S. Lee). Introduction to "Essays in Honor of Joon Y. Park: Econometric Methodology in Empirical Applications." Advances in Econometrics.

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Michael Pesko (with J. C. Maclean, C. McClellan, D. Polsky). Medicaid reimbursement rates for primary care services and behavioral health outcomesHealth Economics.

Cory Koedel and Eric Parsons (with many others). Academic Mobility in U.S. Public Schools: Evidence from Nearly 3 Million Students. Journal of Public Economics.

Michael Pesko (with M. Andersen, J.C. Maclean, K. Simon). Does paid sick leave encourage staying at home? Evidence from the United States during a pandemic. Health Economics.

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Michael Pesko (with B.J. Lipton). State Medicaid and private telemedicine coverage requirements and telemedicine use, 2013–2019Health Services Research.

Michael Pesko (with J.C. Maclean, T. Khan, S. Tsipas). The effect of cigarette and e-cigarette taxes on prescriptions for smoking cessation medicationsHealth Services Research.

Liisa Laine (with K.E.M. Miller, J. Zhao, and N.B. Coe). Growth of Private Pay Senior Housing Communities in Metropolitan Statistical Areas in the United States: 2015–2019Medical Care Research and Review.

Cory Koedel and Eric Parsons (with I. Fazlul). A Poor Poverty Measure: To Identify Children in Need, We Need to Look Beyond Free Lunch DataEducation Next.

Cory Koedel (with T. Pham). The Narrowing Gender Wage Gap Among Faculty at Public Universities in the U.S. SAGE Open.

Cory Koedel and Eric Parsons (with Shannon Breske). Field Interest and the Choice of College MajorEconomics Bulletin.

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Oksana Loginova. Branded Websites and Marketplace Selling: Competing during COVID-19Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization.

Oksana Loginova. Price Competition Online: Platforms vs. Branded WebsitesJournal of Economics and Management Strategy.

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Oksana Loginova and X. H. Wang (with Q. Liu). The Impact of Multi-Homing in a Ride-Sharing MarketAnnals of Regional Science.

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Tai Lee (*19). The Impact of Employment Protection on the Probability of Job Separation: Evidence from Job Duration Data in South KoreaJournal of Labor Research.

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