Allan and Barbara Soshnik Memorial Scholarship

The Allan and Barbara Soshnik Memorial Scholarship is awarded to outstanding undergraduate students in economics. Recipients of the scholarship are juniors and seniors who have demonstrated excellence in their studies of economics and who have maintained a high-level of academic performance. The scholarship honors Allan and Barbara Soshnik, who died in 1980.

As a student, Allan Soshnik attended the University of Missouri-Columbia where he majored in economics. During his senior year he entered the Air National Guard and was required to fulfill his active duty requirements during the winter and spring of 1970. He completed his graduation requirements by means of correspondence courses, was elected to Phi Beta Kappa, and received his A.B. degree with honors in the summer of 1970.

Mr. Soshnik was active in many school functions at the University of Missouri. He was president of the Zeta Beta Tau fraternity, worked at the campus radio station, and was listed as a University Scholar.

During his years in Columbia, he met Barbara (Bobbie) Pearlman, who attended Stephens College for two years and then the University of Missouri. Upon his graduation they were married, and both then continued study at Indiana University. In 1972, Mr. Soshnik received his M.B.A. and Mrs. Soshnik received her bachelor's degree from Indiana University.

In the summer of 1972, the Soshniks moved to Omaha, Nebraska where Mr. Soshnik began his career with Touche Ross; he had passed the CPA examination in the spring of 1972. In 1978, Mr. Soshnik was transferred by Touche Ross to Atlanta, and he was named a partner shortly thereafter.

Following a business trip to California for Touche Ross, the Soshniks died tragically on November 21, 1980 in the M.G.M. Grand Hotel Fire in Las Vegas.

The couple was survived by their two sons, Gregory and M. Bradley, who were seven years and three years of age, respectively, when their parents died, and Dr. and Mrs. Joseph Soshnik of Omaha, Nebraska, and Mr. and Mrs. William Pearlman of Valdosta, Georgia.

In 1983, gifts from the couple's numerous friends, including Bert and Laurie Schweizer, and several of the organizations to which Mr. Soshnik belonged as a student, were used to establish a scholarship fund in their memory.

Past Recipients

2017-2018 Thomas Geisinger

Nate Henry


Meihui Zhang


Ru Jia


Charles Dent


Kai Cheng


James C. Kelly


Brett D. Nardoni


Luke R. Pauley


John P. Chapman


Shaina R. Cavazos


Thomas C. Wuennenberg


Ian Smith


Andrew Shepler


Brian J. Koechner


Brian J. Koechner


Nancy M. Spudich


David Dicks