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The event takes place Friday, March 24 at the Millennium Student Center at the University of Missouri St. Louis.

Blake Nourie (left) and Jacob Young present the 2016 Purple Chalk Award to Vitor Trindade

Vitor Trindade, associate professor of economics, received a Purple Chalk Award at Memorial Union. Chalk Awards recognize faculty and staff who have made a difference in students' lives.

J. Isaac Miller

The Universal Rating System will be used to publish monthly ratings that will be used for invitations to Grand Chess Tour events this year in Paris; Leuven, Belgium; St. Louis, Missouri; and London.

Financial news site MarketWatch cited Jeff Milyo in a Jan. 6, 2017, story

Milyo's 2013 study found little evidence that state ethics commissions work in practice. 

Koedel's brief leads Brookings' K-12 education homepage

A popular-audience policy brief coauthored by associate professor of economics Cory Koedel headlines the Brookings Institution's K-12 Education homepage.


COLUMBIA, Missouri — A reception was held on Nov. 4 for the recipients of the following graduate student awards:

Cory Koedel, associate professor of economics

COLUMBIA, Missouri – Fifteen years ago, in an effort to improve teacher benefits, St. Louis Public Schools enacted a change to the defined-benefit pension plan that resulted in an immediate and dramatic increase in the incentives to remain teaching in St. Louis. Similar enhancements also occurred across the country.

New York Capitol, Albany

Professor Jeff Milyo and former MU student Scott Delhommer had their research cited in detail by a PolitiFact article on publ

Cerner presentation

On Sept. 13, Magen Reynolds spoke with Economic Department students about career options available to them at Cerner.

Year in Review: Economics Department Newsletter

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